Ferrari has developed a new V-12 engine for its next model launch, and judging by the wording of the automaker's statement the model is none other than the Purosangue crossover.

Ferrari said a “game-changing” model will be launched later this year, and that this new “thoroughbred” will be powered by a new V-12. We'll remind you that Purosangue in Italian means “thoroughbred.”

Ferrari is committed to the V-12, and has described the engine as being part of its DNA. However, emissions rules will likely lead to even niche players like Ferrari having to abandon the engine at some point, but in the meantime the engine will remain in the Prancing Horse stable. Don't be surprised if the new V-12 is smaller than Ferrari's current 6.5-liter unit, though.

Ferrari added turbocharging to boost power when it downsized its V-8, though this isn't expected to be the route taken with the V-12. Instead, look for Ferrari to rely on improvements to combustion and likely some form of electrification as means to add power to the 12-cylinder. There are rumors the hardcore 812 Competizione launched last year as a sendoff for the 812 line could be Ferrari's last V-12 model without electrification or turbocharging.

Teaser for Ferrari Purosangue debuting in 2022

Teaser for Ferrari Purosangue debuting in 2022

The Purosangue is scheduled for launch later this year. It will feature a new front midship platform Ferrari has developed for its future grand touring models, like replacements for the Portofino, Roma and 812 Superfast. The platform complements the new mid-engine architecture that debuted in the SF90 Stradale and has since appeared in the 296 GTB, but unlike that platform the front midship platform supports a mechanical all-wheel-drive system.

Beyond the Purosangue, Ferrari's new V-12 is expected to power a successor to the 812 line. A test mule for the new grand tourer may have already been spotted. Stay tuned.