Lucid just hit another milestone and has inched closer to delivering cars to customers.

On Tuesday, Lucid kicked off production of the Air electric sedan with the first salable units with VINs rolling off the assembly line. These cars aren't destined for customer garages, however.

Lucid spokesperson Justin Berkowitz told Motor Authority that these first series production cars will be used for events, test drives, and other marketing before eventually being sold as used or kept by Lucid. The long-term plans for these first cars isn't set beyond the here and now.

The final hurdle before selling cars has also been achieved, Lucid announced. The Air has met all regulatory requirements by the EPA and U.S. Department of Transportation, both of which are needed before cars can land in customer garages.

Lucid Air production

Lucid Air production

Deliveries of customer cars are set to begin in late October, according to Lucid. The first deliveries will be to reservation holders of the Lucid Air Dream Edition with production of Grand Touring, Touring, and Air Pure models to follow.

Lucid said there are over 13,000 reservations for the Air electric car. Planned production for the Air Dream Edition has been increased to 520 vehicles, though Lucid hadn't previously stated how many Dream Edition models would be produced.

The Lucid Air passed Tesla earlier in the month by unlocking a new EV achievement: over 500 miles of range. The EPA rubber stamped a range of 520 miles on the Dream Edition Range, which bests the Model S and its 405 miles of range. The Lucid Dream Edition Range costs $169,000.

The full Lucid Air lineup pricing and range breaks down as follows:

Lucid Air: $77,400, 480 hp, range TBA
Lucid Air Touring: $95,000, 620 hp, range TBA
Lucid Air Grand Touring: $139,000, 800 hp, 516 miles
Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance: $169,000, 1,111 hp, 471 miles
Lucid Air Dream Edition Range: $169,000, 933 hp, 520 miles

Stay tuned for more information as Lucid begins to ramp Air production and prepares to unveil the Gravity SUV.