Popular automotive show “Top Gear” is still running and about to start its 30th season in the current format. It will see Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness and Freddie Flintoff return for hosting duties, and a trailer released on Tuesday hints at some of the antics they will get up to.

The trailer also hints at some of the vehicles set to appear in the new season, one of which is the Ferrari Roma sports car. In case you've forgotten, the Roma is closely related to Ferrari's Portofino convertible and features a 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 spitting out 612 hp and 561 lb-ft of torque.

It also features a stunning design, though to the casual observer it may be mistaken for an Aston Martin from certain angles. That isn't exactly a bad thing.

There's also a Ferrari 355 in the trailer, as well as the new Land Rover Defender and Lamborghini's Aventador-based Sian supercar. And if you're wondering what that strange SUV is that appears at 19 seconds into the clip, it's the electric racer for the new series Extreme E.

The producer of "Top Gear," the BBC, hasn't said when exactly season 30 will arrive, though it is expected to start before the end of March. We also don't know how many episodes are planned.

If you prefer the antics of former hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, a new special episode of their Amazon Prime show “The Grand Tour” set in Scotland is expected to arrive by June. A fifth season of the show is still planned though it might not happen for a while due to travel restrictions caused by Covid-19. Season four was ended after a single episode aired in late 2019 because of Covid-19 restrictions preventing further episodes from being produced.