Rivian has released pricing and additional specifications for its R1S electric SUV and R1T electric pickup truck, which are both scheduled to start deliveries in summer 2021.

However, only Launch Edition versions of both vehicles will be available at that time. The R1T Launch Edition will start at $75,000, while the R1S Launch Edition will start at $77,500, according to Rivian's website.

The Launch Editions come standard with what Rivian calls the "Large Pack," which seems to be the mid-level 135-kwh battery pack. That will afford more than 300 miles of range, and 0-60 mph acceleration of 3.0 seconds for both vehicles, according to Rivian. The company quoted towing capacity of up to 11,000 pounds for the R1T, and 7,700 pounds for the R1S. Rivian also confirmed that the R1S will be available in five- and seven-seat configurations.

In January 2022, Rivian will add Explore and Adventure equipment packages for both the R1T and R1S. Pricing for the base Explore trim level will start at $67,500 for the R1T and $70,000 for the R1S, while the R1T and R1S Adventure models will be priced identically to the Launch Edition versions.

Launch Edition models will come with the Adventure package, which includes a reinforced underbody shield, front-bumper tow hooks, and an air compressor, ash wood trim, and heated and ventilated front seats. In addition, the Launch Edition gets 20-inch or 22-inch wheels and a special paint color.

Rivian R1T

Rivian R1T

Rivian said a longer-range R1T with more than 400 miles of range will be available starting in January 2022. Launch timing for a longer-range R1S, and 250-mile versions of both the R1S and R1T, will be announced after the start of production. These variants will presumably use the 180-kwh and 105-kwh battery packs Rivian previously discussed.

The R1S measures 202 inches long, 79 inches wide, and 72 inches high. That makes it 3.2 inches longer. 0.1 inch wider, and 1.8 inches taller than the Ford Explorer. The R1T is 218 inches long—which puts it in full-size truck territory—with the same height and width. Wheelbases are 121 inches for the R1S and 135 inches for the R1T.

Rivian also quoted maximum ground clearance of 14.4 inches for both vehicles, and a maximum wading depth of more than three feet. The R1T has a 34-degree approach angle,a  29.3-degree departure angle, and a 25.7-degree breakover angle. Corresponding measurements for the R1S are 34.3 degrees, 33.7 degrees, and 28.9 degrees.

Rivian R1T

Rivian R1T

All versions get quad-motor drive, independent air suspension with active damping, electro-hydraulic roll control, onboard wi-fi, a panoramic roof, and a flashlight in the driver's door.

Rivian also plans to offer its Driver+ driver-assist system as standard equipment. It's comparable to General Motors' Super Cruise or Ford's upcoming Active Drive Assist, allowing active lane control, and automatic acceleration and braking on certain stretches of highway. Rivian said additional functions will be added through over-the-air updates.

Customers who pre-order an R1S or R1T will have early access to the online configurator beginning Nov. 16. Everyone else gets access starting Nov. 23.

U.S. deliveries will start in June 2021 for the R1T and August 2021 for the R1S, with specific delivery timing based on the pre-order date, location, and configuration. All vehicles will be built at Rivian's former Mitsubishi factory in Normal, Illinois.