Mercedes-AMG is joining the likes of Aston Martin and Porsche by opening an experience center adjacent to a racetrack, meaning customers will be able to conveniently sample AMG products on the track, with experienced instructors there to guide them.

AMG opened the new experience center on Saturday. It is located at the Zhejiang International Circuit in Shaoxing, China, and is the first AMG experience center anywhere in the world. We can imagine more opening up, with locations in the United States and the Germany likely at the top of the list.

The center features a showroom on the ground floor, complete with a VR-based simulator. There's also a cafe, lounge and accessories shop. Upstairs is the area dedicated to motorsports. Here, you'll find more simulators, a slot car race track controlled via brainwaves, and AMG customer team-related services.

The real highlight of visiting the experience center is heading out on the racetrack with instructors from the AMG Driving Academy. On hand is a fleet of vehicles including the latest road cars and GT3- and GT4-spec race cars. Even if you aren't an AMG customer, you can rent AMG vehicles from the center to use during track day events held at the Zhejiang International Circuit.

In addition to the new experience center, AMG has dedicated showrooms located around the globe, which the company refers to as performance centers. The first of these was also opened in China, back in 2012.