Specialty Vehicle Engineering based in Tom's River, New Jersey, is back with a new Yenko Camaro, and this time it's got a convertible roof.

The company's Yenko/SC Stage 1 Camaro comes with 1,000 horsepower and was revealed in coupe form last July. The new convertible version was revealed on Tuesday and currently available to order from select Chevrolet dealerships.

The car starts off as a regular Camaro SS Convertible. SVE's team then swaps in a fully customized version of the LT1 V-8 boasting 6.8 liters of displacement, a supercharger, and a high-flow exhaust. The car also comes with an upgraded version of the Camaro's 10-speed automatic.

2020 Yenko/SC Camaro by SVE

2020 Yenko/SC Camaro by SVE

To ensure it can also turn and stop, SVE has loaded the chassis with magnetic dampers, sport-tuned bushings and springs, chunkier stabilizer bars, a limited-slip differential, and powerful Brembo brakes. The car also sports some new aero elements borrowed from the Camaro 1LE. These include a new front splitter and blade-style rear spoiler.

Interested buyers better be quick as SVE will build just 25 Yenko/SC Stage 1 Camaro Convertibles for the 2020 model year. Pricing hasn't been announced but the coupe starts at $111,990, including the cost of the donor Camaro.

SVE has spent the last few years cranking out numerous Yenko-branded vehicles. We've seen our fair share of previous Yenko Camaros, a 1,000-hp Yenko Corvette, and even an 800-hp Yenko Silverado. The company has the license to use the Yenko name, but there's no additional connection with the famous muscle cars from Yenko Chevrolet of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.