Hyundai in September announced it had established a new Urban Air Mobility division headed by a NASA veteran, whose task is to explore the potential for a flying taxi.

We'll get a taste of just what the division is planning with the reveal of a concept for a flying taxi at next month's Consumer Electronics Show.

Hyundai's concept is called the Personal Air Vehicle, and a teaser suggests it will be a small, light aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing. It will also likely be electric given the lack of openings for cooling and exhaust venting.

In a short statement released last week, Hyundai said the flying taxi concept is designed to take-off and land at dedicated hubs which passengers could reach either by existing transport networks or a fully self-driving shuttle Hyundai is developing called the Purpose Built Vehicle.

Cities are expected to grow in coming years coinciding with the growth in the number of jobs that are digital-based. This will only add to congestion which in some of the world's largest cities is already severe. Both governments and private companies see small, electrically powered flying taxis as a potential solution. Since they are much quieter than helicopters, they could potentially be used to fly more routes across cites without upsetting residents under the flight path.

Hyundai isn't the only automaker working on the technology. Others include Daimler, Geely, Porsche and Toyota.

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