Fans of the GT-R, and the Nismo version in particularly, are in for a treat: the Nissan GT-R Nismo is coming to Lego in 2020, thanks to a new Speed Champions kit marking this year's 50th anniversary of the Japanese nameplate

The official Lego kit models the GT-R in detail, right down to its iconic taillights. The kit contains 298 pieces and should take between 20 minutes and an hour to assemble, depending on experience.

"The Nissan GT-R and the Lego brand are both renowned and loved by fans of all ages throughout the world, and we are honored to be the first-ever Japanese car manufacturer to partner with the Lego Group," said Asako Hoshino, Nissan executive VP. "Many of our Nissan customers can trace their automotive passion back to when they built Lego cars as children. With this partnership, everyone can be a 'takumi,’ the specialized craftsmen that build the GT-R."

Lego Speed Champions Nissan GT-R Nismo

Lego Speed Champions Nissan GT-R Nismo

Nissan said it took approximately a year to develop the kit, and while it may not have much in common with the real thing, both the Lego kit and the GT-R Nismo provide "endless" hours of fun.

Lego is no stranger to automotive tie-ins, whether in the form of official miniature kits or life-sized replicas. A lifelike model of a Bugatti Chiron built from more than a million bricks featured 2,304 electric motors and was capable of driving at 12 miles per hour. The company also partnered with Microsoft's Turn 10 Studios to recreate Speed Champions models in the the latter's "Forza Horizon 4" video game, allowing gamers to pilot some of their favorite Lego kits in the virtual world

Lego's 2020 lineup of Speed Champions kits will be 25-percent bigger than previous iterations, allowing for more lifelike detail. They will go on sale in January 2020.