A number of folks on this planet channel their inner child to become exquisitely talented at turning little plastic bricks into sculptures of their favorite things. A Flickr user by the username of Noah_L is one of those people as he's mastered the art of creating art with Lego. Lexus Enthusiast spotted his latest build, and it's a clean example of what's possible when you understand how to stack your bricks into a familiar shape. Today that shape is this wonderful scale Lexus LFA.

Noah reports that he's already produced Lego versions of the Enzo Ferrari and Pagani Zonda. Now he's snapped together this LFA, and the result is impressive. The rear end details are especially striking. Along the sides, you can find the rear air intakes, and glancing at the nose reveals the familiar front fascia. Granted, everything is a little, er, blocky, but, come on, he wasn't exactly working with a French curve.

Lego Lexus LFA

Lego Lexus LFA

Inside, Noah fashioned a bright red cabin space that features a steering wheel flanked by a pair of paddle shifters. We'd love to see more detail in the engine bay, but you can only do so much when you're not working from a kit. What's especially impressive is the fact that the rear spoiler deploys and retracts just as it does on the full-size LFA supercar.

The only thing missing is the noise that the real version produces. That Yamaha-tuned V-10 remains one of the greatest sounding engines ever produced.


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