Ford has a new Mustang 2.3 High Performance Package on its hands and it's a seriously compelling alternative to the V-8-powered Mustang GT. Thanks to the lighter weight of its 4-cylinder engine, there's 200 fewer pounds over the nose, making the car an awesome handler.

You thought Toyota President Akio Toyoda's Century GRMN was cool? Well, Japanese Emperor Naruhito has gone one better with a sweet Century Convertible. For those unfamiliar with the Century, it's a Toyota flagship sedan sold exclusively in Japan and priced much higher than even the Lexus LS.

Rivian investor Amazon has ordered 100,000 delivery vans from the EV startup. Amazon will put the first of Rivian's electric vans into service in 2021. It's all part of the company's pledge to become CO2 neutral by 2040.

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