Lamborghini is cooking up a replacement for the Aventador but don't expect the new supercar to look anything like the Sian special edition unveiled earlier this month at the Frankfurt International Motor Show.

Lamborghini design chief Mitja Borkert gave an emphatic “no” when asked by Autocar at the show whether the Sian will influence the design of any models coming out next decade.

The Aventador replacement is expected around 2022 though we've also heard that it might arrive as early as 2020.

Lamborghini Sián hybrid hypercar

Lamborghini Sián hybrid hypercar

Previous special editions from Lamborghini have previewed the brand's future volume models. Most recently, the Aventador ended up looking a lot like the Murcielago-based Reventon launched several years prior.

“There was a certain closeness of design between the Reventon and the Aventador,” Borkert told Autocar. “This is exactly what I don’t want to have. There will not be this language in the new Aventador.”

And don't expect the Sian's lightweight supercapacitor energy storage technology to make it to the Aventador replacement, either. Lamborghini R&D chief Maurizio Reggiani in a separate interview said the Aventador replacement will require a battery as it will need to discharge energy over extended periods to provide an electric mode to meet emissions standards. The supercapacitor in comparison discharges energy in quick bursts so is not suitable for electric-only driving.