Croatian EV tech supplier and supercar maker Rimac has seen a wild growth since the company truly began in 2011. Like all good startups, founder and CEO Mate Rimac began the company in his own garage.

Today, Rimac's workforce sits at over 500 employees from just one guy in a garage.

To mark Rimac's success so far, and toast a new facility the company is building for production, Mr. Rimac decided to take fans on a video tour. Over four episodes, Rimac will provide an up-close look at the day-to-day operations at his company. The first episode is already plenty entertaining, however.

Rimac C_Two California

Rimac C_Two California

It goes over the company's humble beginnings in the garage, to CNC machining, Rimac C_Two tooling, chassis welding, wiring harnesses, and components assembly. While many may know Rimac for its electric hypercars (and Richard Hammond's infamous crash involving one), the company does much more. It supplies batteries to Koenigsegg and Aston Martin, and the latter has also tapped Rimac for the Valkyrie hypercar's infotainment system. Most recently, Pininfarina said Rimac would build the powertrain for its PF0 electric hypercar.

Just last month, Rimac and Hyundai's N division made a deal public that will bring an electric sports car to life. All of these doings have even caught the eye of Porsche, which purchased a 10-percent stake in the Croatian firm last June.

The video is truly mesmerizing to see a single-man show turn into an operation supplying parts for some of the auto industry's largest names and building world-beating supercars.