The experts in high-performance electric car technology at Rimac have been tapped to provide the powertrain for the PF0 electric hypercar being developed by Pininfarina.

Rimac is most famous for its own electric hypercars, the most recent being the C_Two that debuted at the 2018 Geneva auto show, but the company's main business is supplying EV technology to OEMs. We're talking everything from batteries to electric motors to the software and modules that control them.

The C_Two features a 120-kilowatt-hour battery and four electric motors with a combined output of 1,914 horsepower and 1,700 pound-feet of torque. That's the highest output of any car in production and will see the C_Two hit 60 mph in a claimed 1.85 seconds and top out somewhere around 258 mph.

Rimac C_Two

Rimac C_Two

Likewise, Pininfarina's PF0 is also touted with Bugatti Chiron-rivaling numbers. Pininfarina promises 0-60 mph acceleration in less than 2.0 seconds and a top speed in excess of 250 mph. Pininfarina also boasts a range of more than 300 miles, though we'd wager that will only be achievable when driving at legal speeds.

Pininfarina will present the PF0 next March at the 2019 Geneva auto show and start deliveries late in the following year. No more than 150 examples will be made, after which the company will focus on higher volume but still exclusive luxury EVs.

Pininfarina announced the deal with Rimac on Friday at the opening of the new Munich headquarters for its automotive division. Pininfarina also used the occasion to announce that ex-Formula 1—and current Formula E—driver Nick Heidfeld has been hired as an official development driver, and that ex-Porsche engineer Christian Jung, who was previously involved in the development of the Taycan, has been hired as chief technical officer.