There is only one road-legal Aston Martin Vulcan in the world, and it's going to tackle the Gumball 3000 Rally through Europe beginning June 7.

YouTuber Mr JWW published a video last Friday in preparation for his voyage in the street-legal Vulcan. He went over the differences that gave the supercar the regulatory thumbs up; they are pretty substantial.

Take a look at the video and right away it becomes clear this isn't a regular Vulcan. Aston Martin built 24 examples and each of them features squinty lights toward the bottom of the front fascia. This car, however, has proper headlights. They come from an Aston Martin DB11, and they don't look out of place one bit. The side mirrors also come from a DB11, while the front splitter was shortened to better deal with life on the road.

At the back, new turn signals are present and a clear lens is in place to protect the array of LEDs that make up the brake lights. The Vulcan's rear wing is still there, but it has less pitch.

Elsewhere, changes were made to the mechanical components. The steering was reworked to allow more steering angle. Michelin developed a specific set of Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires for road use. All other Vulcans run on racing slicks, but those won't do on public roads. The 6-speed sequential transmission was also retuned to help make taking off from a stop more smooth. The radiator and cooling system was also revised to work at lower speeds. After all, this car was built as a race car to be driven at 10/10ths most of the time.

What hasn't changed is the exhaust, which sounds incredible and really loud. It's so loud, in fact, that the presenter will use an intercom system to communicate within the car.

All of the updates come from RML Group, which has tackled plenty of other wicked conversions in the past. We saw this same car become road legal in 2017 in its factory purple-red color. For the rally, it wears a wrap that honors the Royal Air Force's Avro Vulcan bomber.

Check out all of the changes in detail above, but stick around for a track shakedown of the car and to hear the sweet sound of the V-12 in action.