In honor of Gymkhana 10's release on Monday, let's take a closer look at one of the five star cars of the latest film: the 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn. The car Ken Block has called "frightening."

The Hoonigan team highlighted the car as part of the Biology Build series, which goes through the ins and outs of the car with a fine-toothed comb. Specifically, this is Hoonicorn version 2.0. It's been updated since the car first made an appearance in Gymkhana 7. It still makes an outrageous 1,400 horsepower from a 410-cubic-inch V-8 fed by a pair of Garrett turbos. That power heads to all four wheels, as we saw in "Climbkhana." Hoonigan shop manager and race spotter Forest Forest Duplessis says the tires still manage to break free with every gear change because, well, that's a lot of power on tap.

Hoonicorn is based on a 1965 Mustang, but we learn everything from the original body line down is basically custom. The roof pillars are original to the donor Mustang, as is the roof. But, the body kit below the body line is made entirely of carbon fiber, which includes fender flares that add 9 inches of width to wrap massive 295-mm-wide tires.

Although the Mustang Hoonicorn isn't a race car, the team treats it like a race car because it's custom-built for the Gymkhana stunts. Thus, the team has five of each part just in case something goes wrong. 

Block was heavily involved in the car's design and creation to ensure everything came out just right. However, we also learned from Block previously that he first wanted the Hoonicorn to be a Ford Maverick—a very different car from the well-loved Mustang.

The best thing about the build is that it's not a show car. Looking under the trunk reveals repairs from a few bumps and bruises the car has received over the years. It has a killer scar, too. The team left a small bump near the taillight from when Block brushed a guardrail climbing Pikes Peak in Climbkhana. Some scars are too well earned to fix.

Inside, we see the carbon-fiber dash and seat, as well as the big "Hoonigan" handbrake that unlocks the center differential of this all-wheel-drive beast and locks the rear axle. That allows Block to create the glorious drifts for which he is so well known.

Check out all of the Hoonicorn's battle scars and more in the video above.