For Mustang fans, there may be no greater dealership from which to buy the popular pony car than Lebanon Ford.

This is the Ohio-based outfit that offers up serious power upgrades for far less cash than you think would be required. The latest offer? A 2019 Mustang GT packing 800 horsepower on sale for just $39,995, and that includes the car.

The car is called the LFP Hellion. That last bit refers to the Hellion Power Systems turbocharger upgrade found under the hood. This is a twin-turbo setup that includes dual bypass valves and a high-flow intercooler. Lebanon Ford pops in upgraded fuel injectors and gives the engine a new custom tune. When all is said and done the now-turbocharged 5.0-liter V-8 produces 800 hp at the crank.

These upgrades are applied to a base Ford Mustang GT, which is part of the way that Lebanon is able to deliver the car at such a relatively low price point. A standard Mustang GT making 460 horsepower costs $35,355. So there's still a discount involved when you step up to the LFP Hellion.

In the past, Lebanon has offered even more power for those with a desire to own a Mustang making four-digit horsepower. That's true again on the 2019 Mustang, as the dealership has enough upgrades in the parts department to make that happen should you have the cash on hand. For anyone that's already purchased a 2018 or 2019 Mustang, the LFP Hellion package can be had for $6,395.

This is a tremendous amount of power for a truly tremendous price. Compare it to the Dodge Hellcat siblings, which make 707-horsepower and start around $59,000. What Lebanon is offering here is a more potent pony car with a $20,000 discount against the Mopar muscle. Of course, the Hellcats feature numerous other upgrades that you may want to add to your LFP Hellion. We're thinking upgraded brakes and engine internals to start.