Lebanon Ford, the Ohio dealership that made headlines last year because of a crazy offer promising brand new 727-horsepower Mustang GTs for only $39,997, is back, and its latest offer takes the dealership up a couple of notches on the insanity dial.

As first discovered by The Drive, Lebanon Ford is currently offering 2017 Mustang GTs fitted with a 1,200-horsepower-capable Hellion twin-turbocharging system for a grand total of just $45,499. The figure doesn’t include on-road costs, though it does include the cost of all parts plus the labor to install them. The list of parts includes the turbocharging system, a Basani cat-back exhaust and Ford Racing 47 pound/hour fuel injectors.

The turbocharging system has been developed by Hellion of Albuquerque, New Mexico in partnership with the Lebanon Ford Performance team and is designed to offer between 5 and 30 psi of boost. At 5 psi, which most owners run their cars at, according to Lebanon Ford, the car will be delivering 550 hp at the wheels.

Lebanon Ford Performance Hellion twin-turbo upgrade for the Mustang GT

Lebanon Ford Performance Hellion twin-turbo upgrade for the Mustang GT

Crucially, the upgrade will enable the Mustang GT’s 5.0-liter engine to produce upwards of 1,200 horses using only a few supporting mods, though the engine likely won’t last long without some serious reinforcements and neither will the rest of the drivetrain. It goes without saying that opting for the upgrade will revoke all powertrain warranties.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, in this case $49,995, you get a few additional parts that will help the rest of the car handle some extra power, though still nowhere near the 1,200-hp limit. This second package adds 95 lb/hr fuel injectors, a fuel pump voltage booster, oil pump gears and 800-hp rated halfshafts.

Interested buyers better act fast as Lebanon Ford is limiting availability. Each of the builds will receive a special serial number. And the good news is that existing Mustang GT owners can also have Lebanon Ford install the upgrade.