The ingenuity of those who want to go fast is something to be admired. Take, for example, one plucky company that combined Factory Five's 818C kit car with powertrain components from both a Tesla Model S and the Chevrolet Volt. The resulting Frankencar is an all-electric beast that's driven to and from the dragstrip, and while it's there it turns 9.5-second runs down the quarter mile.

If you're not aware, the 818 kit car is built on the bones of a 2000-2007 Subaru Impreza WRX. The original idea with the kit was to marry a tube chassis and the 818C body panels with the engine, transmission, steering, brakes, wheels and tires, and fuel system from the Subaru. When done, you'd have a lightweight track-day special.

What's happened here, however, is something a bit more ingenious. Back in 2016, out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, acquired the 818C kit from Factory Five. The gang sourced the front and rear electric motors from a Tesla P85D and paired them with two 32-kwh battery packs from the Chevrolet Volt. All of the electrical powertrain parts talk to each other through the company's T1-C controller. In fact, this entire build is the result of EV-Controls putting its own hardware to good use.

A Subaru provided the running gear but not the powertrain, and a set of JDM-spec STI spindles were fitted to the car, as were the larger brakes that come with them. The finished product is a sporty looking silent track assassin.

It appears eager to light up either its front or rear wheels when asked to do so. All-wheel-drive burnouts would be a blast in this electric 818C, and when it's time to go fast the car responds.

In the video above, you'll see the car blast off on a 1,320-foot voyage and complete the trip in just 9.565 seconds. The trap speed at the end is just over 134 mph.

With this build, EV-Controls is showing gas-loving enthusiasts the sort of fun that awaits when they switch over to the greener side of life.