Factory Five Racing builds a brilliant kit for track day enthusiasts on a budget in the form of the 818. The kit has been designed to house the mechanicals of a donor Subaru Impreza but the innovative folk over at EV West, a company that specializes in electric car conversions, has developed a package that allows you to make the 818 battery-powered.

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EV West’s kit, which retails for $6,988, includes the majority of what you'll need to make your own zero-emission racer, although a battery system is still required and these can be significant in price. And you still have to include the cost of the 818 kit, which is an additional $9,900. What you do get from EV Motors is an AC motor with regenerative braking, a programmable controller, aluminum mounts, a high voltage charger, a coolant pump, a radiator, and state of charge instrumentation.

As Autoblog Green points out, the electric motor has a peak output of 165 horsepower and 189 pound-feet of torque, and works in conjunction with a five-speed manual transmission sourced from an Impreza. With everything onboard, a battery-powered 818 should weigh as little as 2,000 pounds.

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Featured above is EV Motors’s development mule. As the video confirms, it looks to be quite fun out on the track.


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