If you've spent good money on one of Porsche's flagship models--the 2014 911 GT3, for example--it's quite reasonable to expect that it works without a hitch. It's also fairly reasonable to expect Porsche to minimize any period it has to spend off the road.

Unfortunately for 2014 GT3 owners, that hasn't been the case following the car's recent engine fire debacle. While just a few cars caught fire--thanks to connecting rod issues causing crank damage and oil leaks--Porsche's move to remove all GT3s from the road during its fault-finding hasn't gone down well. So badly, in fact, that a worldwide action group has formed to demand compensation from Porsche.

The worldwide group of owners is demanding equal compensation for days their cars have spent off the road--spurred mainly by news that customers in the United Arab Emirates and Germany would receive two or three times that of their counterparts in the U.S.--while The Telegraph reports as many as 100 owners in the U.K. have been offered no compensation whatsoever.

U.K. GT3 owner Sunil Mehra, a Porsche customer of 25 years, explains, "As ambassadors for the Porsche brand, we are disappointed by the way the manufacturer has conducted itself with its lack of transparency and apparent discrimination between markets. It's not about money but the principle of simply respecting consumer rights and treating people equally and fairly, irrespective of where they are."

The group has written to Porsche's Volkswagen parent asking that the company treat its worldwide customers equally. Earlier this month, Porsche stated in a letter to owners it would offer an extra year's warranty on GT3s, once they were returned. Production of replacement engines is already underway, and owners will be contacted when their vehicle is ready.


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