If you own a brand new Porsche 911 GT3, you're probably not enjoying it that much right now. Mainly because it's parked immobile, probably at a Porsche dealership somewhere, mitigating the risk of it spontaneously combusting.

It's rather embarrassing for Porsche, which sees itself as an arbiter of engineering excellence. And as an apology to owners, Porsche has issued a letter (leaked via Autoblog) to every one of the 785 affected owners--who will get an extra year of warranty when each of their cars is finally re-delivered.

Earlier this year, a string of engine fires in 2014 GT3 models caused Porsche to halt sales and advise owners to stop driving their cars. Since then, the sports car maker has worked on a fix--diagnosing the problem as a loose connecting rod fastener, which could lead to crank case damage, oil leaks and fires. Every car sold will receive a new engine with "optimized fasteners", preventing similar issues in the future.

Production of those new engines begins on April 22, so GT3 owners have to wait a little longer before driving their cars. But the extended warranty and a visit from Porsche's GT3 concierge should douse any lingering embers of mistrust from owners. Porsche's letter also says a certificate will be issued for each car to confirm the work has been carried out. Owners will be contacted when the new engine is available for their vehicle.


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