No carmaker is infallible, and Porsche has found that out the hard way with a series of fires in its 2014 911 GT3.

Now, the German sports car manufacturer has announced how it's solving the problem: It will replace the engines on every single 2014 model year GT3 sold--a full 785 vehicles. As recalls go, the correctional measures are fairly extreme--and is sure to cost Porsche a fortune, despite the relatively small number of vehicles involved--but could be the best way of curtailing further fire-related embarrassments for the company.

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Porsche has confirmed the issue that caused at least two 911 GT3s to catch fire in February, prompting the firm to stop sales and recall every vehicle sold for inspection. The fires were caused by engine damage relating to a loosened fastener on a connecting rod. The loose connecting rod damaged the crankcase, which in both cases caused oil leaks that led to the fires. The newly-fitted engines use "optimized fasteners" to prevent the issue recurring, and will be fitted to all GT3s from now on, not just those recalled.

No traffic accidents nor personal injuries were caused by the fires, and Porsche reiterates that no other 911 model is affected by the GT3's problem. The company is in direct communication with owners to discuss further courses of action.


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