We've known since the debut of the 2014 BMW M5 that it would offer an upgrade from the already-monstrous 560 horsepower to 575 horsepower thanks to a Competition Package. Now, BMW is showing off what the new hotter M5 variant can do.

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Apparently donuts that enrage security guards are near the top of the list of the M5 Competition Package's key abilities. Handled like a bull being loosed into the ring, the Competition Package M5 eventually breaks loose from its cage and then cruises--rather sedately--down the road and into the sunset.

Of course, a little more power isn't the only thing that comes with the Competition Package upgrade: the suspension is upgraded with new springs, damper calibrations, and anti-roll bars; the active rear differential gets a custom setting that improves traction; the steering rack is programmed for more direct input and road feel; and the M chassis control system has been recalibrated to get the most out of the other upgrades.

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If you're looking to pick an M5 Competition Package car out on the street, look for unique 20-inch alloy wheels and black chrome-tipped exhaust outlets.