There are times in racing when you know things have gone wrong, but there's no time to worry--you just have to jump in and deal with it, or end up crashed, or worse. This driver knows all about that after his chutes failed to deploy in a 250-mph car at a drag race in Australia.

We learn of the details from BangShift: The Moits Racing Mustang, driven by Paul Mouhayet, made this run during the Jamboree finals in Syndey, Australia. After rocketing down the strip, the 250-mph Mustang needs to stop--or end up in the sand traps (or the wall), likely flipped, rolled, or otherwise torn up.

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Unfortunately, the car's chutes didn't deploy when Mouhayet hit the switch, or when he followed up with the manual deployment lever. Fortunately, Mouhayet made the instant reaction to keep the car under control and get it slowed down, finally giving it a half-spin to halt its motion.

It's a great example of driving, and it's yet more proof of the skills required on the straight strip--if you want your car, and yourself, to survive.