Aston Martin produces beautiful, expensive machines. Anything can be improved, however, and that includes the lines of the powerfully pretty Vanquish.

Back in 2016, Zagato showed off a concept that proves this point; the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato. The crowd in attendance at that year's Concorso d'Eleganze Villa d'Este was wowed and Zagato and Aston Martin announced a production run of 99 cars. One of those cars can be yours, because a French luxury car retailer has one for sale.

This is car number 70, and it looks elegant with its Magnetic Silver exterior paint. We could do without the Sandstorm color scheme on the interior leather, but a trip to the Q by Aston Martin personalization division could quickly supply a new colorway.

Regardless of our color quibbles, this is a chance to purchase an incredibly rare machine. Zagato has a history of cranking out coveted Aston Martins and this Vanquish Zagato is no exception. Furthermore, this is a highly desirable run of the lot as it wears just its original delivery mileage. The sale includes all of the original owner's manuals, a spare key, a car cover, and an umbrella.

In fact, if you purchase the car you will be the original owner. It's never been registered, which means the trail of ownership begins with you. There's no price listed on the Laurent Auxietre website because if you're interested you'll need to reach out and find out how much cash will be required to get your name on that unblemished title. The original retail price was likely close to the $700,000 mark, and we don't expect this one to stray too far from that figure.

Should you be in a position to dole out that much cash for the car, you'll be rewarded with an Aston Martin that produces tremendous noise. Under the hood sits Aston's older 5.9-liter V-12 unaided by any forced induction. The horsepower is rated at 592, which is a a jump over the standard Vanquish's output of 568 hp. But it's the styling that truly sets this Vanquish Zagato apart from the "standard" cars.

Spend the cash. Acquire this beastly beauty. Then add a ton more miles to that delivery mileage count.