The second-generation Ford GT has plenty of party tricks, but one of them is a trick rear wing that offers multiple functions while driving around town or at the track.

Video from Drag Times explores and demonstrates how the active aero rear wing works by hooking up a GoPro to showcase how the wing behaves while driving. The particular GT isn't broken in yet, so we don't get any footage of the wing on a proper race track, however.

The rear wing can fold down for max aero, extend up to provide downforce on the track, and tilt itself to act as an airbrake at high speeds. When placing the car in Track mode, which also lowers the ride height by almost two inches, the rear wing automatically extends. Normal and Sport modes also allow the wing to extend, but only when the car begins to travel at high speeds. Finally, the car's Vmax mode tucks the wing away to reduce aerodynamic drag at the expense of downforce. 

Aside from the neat-o rear wing, the active aero system also employs air channels that seal up in Track mode to feed more air to high-pressure downforce channels further back in the body. As the driver flips through various settings, the GT also shows off its two unique spring rates.

It's quite intriguing to watch the wing perform in action, and a microphone mounted near the GT's exhaust tells viewers exactly when the wing will sprout up from its dormancy as the GT's 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 rips and snarls. On the highway, we caught one time when the rear wing acted as an airbrake, too.