A handful of companies have announced plans to turn Tesla's Model S electric sedan into a sexy shooting brake. The first to announce such plans was Dutch firm RemetzCar, and the company has released new information on the project along with photos after completing its first bespoke shooting brake.

The car looks quite good and the design has stayed true to the low-slung look RemetzCar first teased in concept sketches last December. The firm's engineer, Frank Reijenga, worked with the design team to firm up the final look, then began work to turn it into reality.

The company used 3D rendering software to define the shooting brake's sleek look and keep the electric sedan's crumple zones intact. 

RemetzCar stripped the Model S down to the skeleton, and created the aluminum body panels for the conversion. These included the new C-pillars and the reshaped roof. The firm also designed a new third brake light and modified window seals, and took care to conceal a rear windshield wiper.

Along the way, RemetzCar ran the body parts through computer simulations to understand the new parts' effects on aerodynamics. 

Once the team finished putting the car back together with its new shooting brake design, RemetzCar put the interior pieces back in place. Specially made chrome moldings add to the Model S shooting brake's design, along with RemetzCar logos in the doorsills. And we like the exterior color choice, too: a dark green hue.

Now, the electric car resides with its new owner, Floris de Raadt, a shooting brake enthusiast with a passion for electric cars. The firm personally delivered the Model S shooting brake to the owner's residence after months of work building the passion project.

Now, we wait for the Italian firm Ares to finish its own Model S shooting brake. But RemetzCar's work may be tough to beat.