The future may hold another performance-oriented Jaguar SVR model, but rather than one based on a raucous supercharged internal-combustion engine, the brand is reportedly considering an I-Pace SVR, based on its first purely electric SUV.

At the 2018 New York auto show, Hanno Kirner, Jaguar Land Rover’s executive director and head of Special Vehicle Operations, said SVO is looking at what an electric SVR model could be—and how the badge would adapt to an electric propulsion, Autocar reported on Wednesday. His comments come hot on the heels of the Jaguar F-Pace SVR debut at the New York show the same day.

2019 Jaguar F-Pace SVR, 2018 New York auto show

2019 Jaguar F-Pace SVR, 2018 New York auto show

Kirner didn't rule out any future I-Pace performance versions, but he also said the company hasn't committed to an SVR model yet. He also suggested a more luxurious I-Pace and even an off-road-oriented model as possibilities.

His comments follow a similar sentiment from John Edwards, head of Jaguar Land Rover's personalization and performance arm. In an interview earlier this month, Edwards said SVO will eventually develop a range of performance-oriented electric cars, and hinted the I-Pace would likely be the starting point. Jaguar will also take the I-Pace racing in its own one-make series held before Formula E open-wheel electric-car races.

Edwards believes the rules for electric performance cars remain unwritten—precisely why SVO would embark on a new and electrified range for Jaguar.


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