Rally racer and Gymkhana star Ken Block has had a busy 2017 with his Hoonigan team. To cap off this year, Block appeared on an episode of Hoonigan's "Daily Transmission" video to look back on his favorite moments of the year, and he recalled plenty of incredible cars, smokey burnouts, and, well, hoonage from the "Daily Transmission" videos.

To start, Block talked about his Ford RS200. Block admitted the car is one of his dream vehicles, and that he absolutely enjoyed romping on the Group B-era performance machine. Hot on the RS200's heels was the Chrysler Conquest, or Mitsubishi Starion, which stopped by for a "Daily Transmission" video. Block said he may be in the minority, but he has a special love affair with the 1980s Diamond-Star Motors product.

Moving right along, Block named automotive journalist Matt Farah's Fox-body Mustang as another highlight of 2017. He noted Farah's approach to aftermarket parts for the car, which make it more usable and not about bonkers quarter-mile times. It's also a really good-looking Mustang from a time when design wasn't the pony car's greatest strength.

Also among the most memorable cars was a wide-body Porsche 911. For Block, it was a Hot Wheels car come to life. We have to concur. The wide-body kit, massive wing, and red wheels make it look like a childhood concoction in the real world. We absolutely approve.

Another one of Block's personal cars made this list, his 1991 Ford Escort Cosworth Group A Rally Car. As usual, the action shows Block doing burnouts and donuts in his parking lot. This one makes it harder, though, because it has all-wheel-drive and he did those donuts in a very tight space. Block also noted his 1978 Ford Escort Mk2 RS, which was only offered in Europe.

A strange one comes at the end. It's a twin-turbocharged, diesel-powered, 1949 Ford F1 pickup that stopped by to, you guessed it, do burnouts and donuts in Block's parking lot. The name "Old Smokey" never applied more.

Next year will shape up as even more eventful for Block. We know he'll make a guest appearance on the BBC's "Top Gear," and Gymkhana 10 will drop sometime in 2018, and it will feature that 1991 Ford Escort Cosworth.

Have a look back on Block's favorite moments and check out the holiday burnout in the video right up above.