Ken Block will likely have some downtime ahead as Hoonigan Racing Division and Ford lay their World Rallycross Championship days to rest.

However, in the meantime, Block has a new toy, and he brought it by Hoonigan headquarters for the team to get a closer look.

It's none other than a 1991 Ford Escort Cosworth Group A rally car, a vintage rally-racing machine. The Cosworth 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 fitted to the car made 227 horsepower regularly, but the highly tunable nature of the engine has let some companies squeeze 1,000 hp from it. Block says his particular example makes around 350 or 400 hp. Mind you, the car weighs 2,811 pounds, so that means it's mighty fast.

Fun fact time: Ford didn't have a suitable all-wheel-drive platform to run the Escort in the Group A rally class since the stock Escort was front-wheel drive. So, to remedy that, Ford used the Sierra's platform and built the Escort Cosworth rally car around it. Thus, the car you see in the video was born, and it's a couple inches bigger than the regular Ford Escort of the time, which Block also owns.

Back to the video at hand, Block gives us a quick look around the outside, under the hood, and inside the cockpit, the latter of which features numerous switches and dials for various settings. However, Block didn't simply bring the car for show and tell—he put on a show, too. After firing up the monstrous little engine, with an appropriate rally-car soundtrack to boot, he pulls off a few drifts and smokey donuts for everyone. It's Ken Block at his finest. Check it out right up above.