Lincoln's brand ambassador has returned for another intriguing advertisement, this time for the new 2018 Navigator luxury SUV. The brand launched the spot on Thursday before it makes its television debut on January 1 during the College Football Playoff.

The spot, titled "Perfect Rhythm," features a quiet McConaughey as he approaches a railroad crossing in the brand's new full-size SUV. Though no train approaches, he stops the vehicle and things start to fall into rhythm with finger taps as the Navigator's steering wheel becomes an impromptu drumset. McConaughey cues the gate to drop as a train approaches and the beats sync together.

Lincoln says the ad conveys the times when everything comes together. Soon, the spot transforms into a natural concert with the Navigator portrayed as the lead conductor.

The brand adds the spot is all about energy as it builds, and viewers receive a quick McConaughey smirk before the Navigator is on its way again.

Lincoln has tapped McConaughey for numerous advertisements over the past few years, and most recently for the Lincoln Continental's "That's Continental" spot. While he's also been featured in ads for the MKX and MKZ, the world will not soon forget the iconic "Bull" ad, which featured the MKC compact crossover. The awkward ad featured the actor starring down a bull in the crossover, which went on to become internet-comedy gold. Ellen DeGeneres and "Saturday Night Live" are among the few high-profile outlets that spoofed the ad. Then again, any publicity is good publicity and Lincoln has received a lot of play for having McConaughey in its ads.

The Navigator's ad isn't nearly as comical, but we think it still conveys McConaughey's special brand of intrigue. Have a look at the latest spot up above.