Would you buy a Lincoln from Matthew McConaughey?

The star of True Detective and Contact is Lincoln's newest pitchman, appearing in a series of ads that were recently released online, and filling air on television soon as well. The ads feature McConaughey contemplatively driving a 2015 Lincoln MKC crossover and having a confrontation with a jaywalking bovine.

What's the connection here? McConaughey did star in The Lincoln Lawyer, although Lincoln probably prefer if you forgot the 1980s Town Car he cruised around in during that film. He also claims to have been driving a Lincoln since "long before anybody paid me to drive one." That's a pretty good endorsement.

Hiring McConaughey is part of an ongoing attempt by Lincoln to break out of obscurity with creative publicity gimmicks. Following its re-branding as the Lincoln Motor Company, Ford's luxury brand released a series of trippy ads featuring, among other things President Abraham Lincoln himself.

As if that wasn't bizarre enough, the brand also concocted its own scent, which will be wafted through the ventilation systems in showrooms. Lincoln is also emphasizing customer service, taking its dealers upscale and adding a Black Label personalization program.

All of this is meant to compensate for a lineup that, for some time, hasn't been that exciting. While Lincoln still doesn't have any models that aren't shared with Ford, the MKC has received generally positive reviews and hints at a possible turnaround. Lincoln is also rumored to have big plans for the next Navigator—due in 2017—including a lightweight aluminum body.


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