Lincoln's pensive, zen-like commercials featuring Matthew McConaughey have been ripe for mockery.

The high-water mark is unquestionably the brilliant Saturday Night Live parody featuring Jim Carrey, which makes it hard to watch the originals without snickering. But finding other takes isn't particularly difficult.  

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That said, the spots must be working.

Because McConaughey is back to pitch the MKX in the latest installment, and it's as action-packed as we've come to expect. Here, we see the A-list actor shave, get dressed, put his contact lenses in, and rub his hands together—almost as if for luck—before hitting the start button on the luxury crossover.

The lanky Texan doesn't even say a word—presumably because his ride speaks for him. 

The extended cut below, shot by famed indie director Gus Van Sant,  ads some more drive time and a card game to the mix. But the real star is the stirring, improvisational score from Miles Davis, which was originally used in Louis Malle's 1961 noir classic Elevator to the Gallows.

It's worth watching for the soundtrack alone. Enjoy. 


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