If you're a fan of Jay Leno's Garage, you're in for a treat today. The comedian and car collector has invited Joe Rogan into his garage. Rogan is also a comedian as well as a commentator for the UFC. A huge car guy, Rogan has brought his 1965 Chevrolet Corvette for Jay to inspect before the pair head for a drive into the Los Angeles hills.

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Rogan's car isn't stock. It's a RestoMod with the powertrain from a 2007 Corvette Grand Sport. The LS1 engine breathes a bit more robustly thanks to the addition of a supercharger, and the whole car sits perfectly due to the rather beautiful suspension setup that's been installed. We're also big fans of the Centerline wheels, as it's a very welcome change from the normal chromed-out bling jobs we find stuck at the corners of your typical RestoMod.

It's not so much the car that makes this episode, though, as it is the banter these two share. The episode runs longer than your average Jay Leno's Garage piece, more than 30 minutes, and every extra minute is a delight. Leno and Rogan have plenty of stories to share, and the two are great storytellers, so it all flows forward in a way that we guarantee will leave you smiling when it's all said and done. 

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