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Also helping plant the GT2 RS is the huge rear tail, which in concert with the adjustable front aero, produces up to 1,000 pounds of downforce at top speed. While the traction control light flicked frequently at the 2.9-mile Portimão track, only once did it feel like it was intrusively (and thankfully) saving my bacon—when I momentarily lifted while entering the final, high-speed corner for fear of running wide. By quickly recovering the tail yaw, the system set me back on the proper trajectory and prevented potential gravel-spraying shame. In moments, I was back in the game, tailing Kern at an indicated 180 mph at the end of the straightaway.

Hardly a cruiser

You won’t be surprised to learn that this track-focused beastie does little to accommodate its occupants when negotiating public thoroughfares and highways. The ride is relatively firm and controlled, but it’s also surprisingly compliant in its soft setting, especially with the Weissach package. Porsche says it doubled the spring rates and halved the roll bar stiffness in the GT2 RS, and I believe it. The sticky tires serve up a lot of road noise and that 700-horsepower monster out back also creates a royal drone that might leave more sensitive passengers complaining.

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Still, the treat belongs to the driver, who is rewarded with an endlessly involving amount of feedback from the steering, chassis, and engine. For anyone who has ever complained that the velvet hammer 911 Turbo S is too refined to be stimulating, the GT2 RS responds with a twin-turbocharged wallop.

Fierce, focused, and wildly capable, the GT2 RS offers a startlingly powerful expression of Porsche’s ability to build ultra-high-performance sports cars. Beyond its clinically informative Nürburgring lap time, the GT2 RS stokes desire because it offers one of the most ticklishly entertaining, giggle-inducing ways to get from A to B.

—Basem Wasef

Porsche provided travel and lodging to Internet Brands Automotive to bring you the firsthand report.

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