Yamaha might not be a brand you associate with trucks, but the motorcycle builder that brought us the Gordon Murray-designed Sports Ride and T25 Style Motiv concepts has brought a new show car to this year's Tokyo motor show.

On Wednesday in Tokyo, the company took the wraps off of its Yamaha Cross Hub concept that aims to create the perfect package for a functional and off-road-inspired truck.

It's pretty small compared to many mainstream pickup trucks today. The Cross Hub concept measures in at 177 inches long, 77 inches wide, and 69 inches tall. However, the small footprint doesn't sacrifice interior space. Yamaha says four adults can fit inside the Cross Hub thanks to its diamond-shaped seating arrangement. Notably, the driver sits front and center in the Cross Hub. For off-road adventures, big Falken-sourced rubber sits at all four corners.

Yamaha Cross Hub concept 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Yamaha Cross Hub concept 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

The company didn't discuss any powertrain details, but it did go to immense lengths to highlight the concept's cargo capacity. The truck's bed has enough space for two motorcycles, which is pretty impressive for a truck of this size. Yamaha says the diamond-shaped seating inside helps retain the compact dimensions while maximizing the bed space, which features wood paneling inspired by a boat's deck. However, we wish any passenger the best that plans on squeezing into the rear, fourth seat of the pattern. It looks like legroom isn't much of a priority.

What the Cross Hub concept does share with Yamaha's previous Tokyo Motor Show concepts is production uncertainty. The company has no production plans for its former concepts or the Cross Hub. Alas, the world remains devoid of a pint-sized pickup truck.

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