Though Suzuki no longer operates in the United States, the brand seems to be on the up and up elsewhere as it’s just introduced a striking new Swift Sport and will soon add a much more macho Jimny.

But what does the future hold for the brand? Suzuki gave some indication this week with the unveiling of the e-Survivor concept car at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

The concept is a futuristic SUV that utilizes sturdy body-on-frame construction as well as electric propulsion. We’re told that both axles are driven, in order to create an all-wheel-drive system.

1998 Suzuki X-90

1998 Suzuki X-90

For the body, Suzuki says it took its contemporary SUVs like the Jimny and Vitara and projected their design well into the future. Given the proportions, we think the X-90 of the 1990s also played a part in the inspiration for the design.

Might we see the brand introduce a modern X-90? Possibly, though it probably won’t look anything like the e-Survivor. In fact, the e-Survivor hardly looks like it could ever represent a production model. Instead it looks more like some kind of moon buggy from a sci-fi movie.

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