Jeff Dunham and Jay Leno are both comedians. They are also two men with a strong love for the automobile. For Leno, the range of his collection is stunning. From modern supercars to superb steam machines, he has a lot of bases covered. Dunham, on the other hand, seems to love things built by George Barris and anything related to the Batmobile.

On this episode of "Jay Leno's Garage," Jay explores Dunham's collection and talks about those Barris and Batmobile pieces. He also asks about how Dunham got into cars. Those familiar with Dunham's act will either be amused or annoyed by one car in particular.

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Next, the not-so-dynamic comedy duo head off to Las Vegas, where they meet with artist and musician Henry Chang. This is where the vehicular tone of the video takes a dramatic change.

Chang likes to create kinetic pieces of art, and he's clearly an all-star on the Burning Man circuit. The project that Leno and Dunham are there to experience is a massive piece of rolling art with a "Game of Thrones" theme just in time for the start of season seven. It's tubular, loud, 27 feet long, and most importantly, it actually runs and drives. That's because a Ford Coyote V-8 engine powers the entire thing.

Rather than simply stare at it in Chang's garage, the trio suits up and heads out to the Vegas strip dressed more like outcasts from a Mad Max/Avengers mashup than medieval "Game of Thrones" characters. Amidst the flashy lights and loud signs, the tourists turn away from the hotels and other attractions to take in this thing rolling down Las Vegas boulevard.


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