Some people are fortunate enough to have the means to purchase one of their dream cars in a lifetime; others buy dozens or even hundreds if they can afford to do so. The Sultan of Brunei? Well, his case is a little different.

Long known for his love of cars and equal love of extravagance, the Sultan of Brunei and his family have amassed an insane collection of fast, exotic cars. We're talking well into the thousands. New photos compiled into a YouTube video give us a look at just how luxurious of a lifestyle the royal family leads.

What makes the collection so insane is that there is not one, but multiple vehicles of the same nameplate residing in the car collection, often one of each color. The Sultan even has a significant collection of the 106 McLaren F1s in existence, plus many one-off creations.

However, it's unknown if all the cars are still there—the Sultan's brother was investigated for fraud and many of the cars were sold at auction in recent years. At one point, the collection was said to include 5,000 cars. Underneath the royal palace, a bunker doubling as a garage kept the incredible cars out of harm's way. We see Ferrari F50s, Jaguar XJ220s, Lamborghini Diablos, the aforementioned McLaren F1s, and so much more.

It's simply breathtaking to see, for example, five examples of the Porsche 959 sitting in a room together. So the story goes, the Sultan and the royal family would each purchase an example of a particular car, which is why multiple vehicles reside together.

We don't know if the collection still looks like this—most of the photos are dated from around 1999—but it's still incredible to see.