Comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham probably wouldn’t have been the first guy to pop into our minds when the task of designing a SEMA concept reared its ugly head. Nonetheless, Dunham is a car guy with a penchant for Mopar muscle cars, and we’ve already seen evidence that he can execute a proper burnout.

To announce its new 515-horsepower Mopar 426 crate engine, SRT and Mopar staff worked with Dunham to create the ultimate modern day hot rod. Starting with a 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 as a blank canvas, Project UltraViolet (the car’s code name) changed virtually everything about the stock Challenger.

It’s impossible to miss the car’s UltraViolet paint scheme, which is best described as “electric purple” below with black up top. Dunham admitted a weakness for bright colors, and the team didn’t disappoint. As Dunham puts it, though, “...believe me, the first rock chip I get is going to make me weep”

In addition to the new V-8, which bolts to the existing six-speed manual transmission, the car gets a one-inch suspension drop, 22-inch HRE wheels, a widened rear track, front and rear fender flares and a series of hand-built aluminum body panels, crafted by Palmer's Customs. Everything from the fenders to the rocker panels to the side-exit exhaust was specially built for the car.

With that much changed on the outside, it’s a safe bet that the inside wasn’t left alone. Seats, supplied by Lear, are wrapped in Nappa leather with colored accent panels and accent stitching. Nappa leather is used throughout the interior, and also gets accent stitching with custom embroidery.

While we may have opted for a more subtle hue, we can’t fault the design or build of Dunham’s Challenger. As SEMA concept cars go, it’s certainly among the most tasteful and refined we’ve seen this year.

The Project UltraViolet Challenger

The Project UltraViolet Challenger