Subaru has more up its sleeves than Penn and Teller, it seems.

The automaker confirmed a special version of its WRX STI, dubbed the Subaru WRX STI Type RA, would be heading stateside later this month, alongside a new BRZ variant.

The June 8 announcement is part of a larger effort to expand the STI brand in the U.S. beyond a model designation and perhaps into a larger, in-house tuner—which it is in Japan.

Subaru officials were mum on the name of an upcoming BRZ variant that will arrive June 8, but we're told to expect something very similar to the Subaru BRZ tS that was released in Japan. The BRZ tS featured brake, aero, and handling parts from STI. In fact, tS stood for "tuned by STI" and the car wore STI badges.

We can't definitively say it'll be called a Subaru BRZ STI, but it's certainly a possibility. The trunk picture you see above is a wing attached to a BRZ—with an STI badge clearly affixed—but confirmation of that name may wait until next week. We're unclear on powertrain details for that BRZ, whatever it's called, so we won't speculate. The tS, however, did not get an engine upgrade.

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The new WRX STI Type RA shouldn't get buried, however. The specialty WRX STI is a heavily modified version of the current car, but still retains the same basic idea, including the older 2.5-liter flat-4. More than just an intake and exhaust, the new Type RA may have different gearing and a tune to propel past the current car's 305 horsepower, which was first reported by Motor1. We've heard that it could be more extensive, but not many details were made available.

The "Type RA" name has a brief, but exciting history for the automaker. Last time around in 2013, the moniker was attached to an outgoing WRX STI with much stiffer springs. Before that, in the early 1990s, the RA was a special-edition version of the WRX that was sold in the U.S. before STI was a thing. That car was a hollowed out factory rally car—the "RA" even stood for "Rally Applicant."

This time around, RA means "Record Attempt," which Subaru meant to do in Germany last month. That attempt was spoiled by rain, so we'll have to wait and see if Subaru makes the same try again.

The automaker released a video Thursday of the record attempt around the Nordschleife circuit at the Nürburgring. That video is included above.

Until June 8 rolls around, we'll patiently wait for more info about a new version of the BRZ.