Porsche has built a truly amazing hypercar known as the 918 Spyder. It's a hybrid hero that's capable of blasting up to a top speed of 210 mph or cruising through a city silently in full electric mode. It's expensive, rare, and amazing. It's also being hit with a fresh recall, which is one in a string of recalls posted for this otherwise amazing car.

Out of the 918 918s that Porsche produced, this latest recall affects 306 examples. That should be most of the cars that were sent to the United States, as we received about 300 units. It seems that the potentially affected cars have a lower control arm that could crack at the ball joint. If you like your steering predictable, then this would be considered undesirable.

Porsche, of course, will fix the cars at no cost. The owners are most likely not driving their 918 Spyders on a daily basis, so it's unlikely that anyone has had a real problem with the issue. If you are a 918 owner who uses it as a daily driver, then we salute you and hope you get that lower control arm fixed ASAP. You're a hero and you're doing hero's work.

For the rest of the 918 owners, we still recommend that you get your garage queens fixed soon. Oh, and get that seat belt issue fixed, too. While you're there, make sure that wiring harness issue is checked. Also, there was a rear axle recall. That's certainly a fair number of issues for a limited-run super machine that cost close to a million bucks.