You've waited for quite some time to get your brand-new, near-million-dollar Porsche supercar. You've been patient, and you've laid out a lot of money. The day has arrived, and your beautiful and technologically advanced supercar is here... and now it needs to go back in for some service. Such is life when your car is on the bleeding edge of the technological envelope.

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Porsche, according to Automotive News (subscription required), had to recall 46 918 Spyders worldwide due to a rear axle issue (five in the U.S.). The recall occurred back in July, with each respective owner being contacted by their specific sales representative. There were no crashes, or driving issues that prompted the recall. Rather, Porsche discovered the potential defect during routine quality control inspections.

The first examples of the $845,000 halo car form the future were delivered to eager customers in March. So it seems that the discovery, recall, and fix of the affected cars happened quickly and rather quietly.

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No word from Porsche on what exactly was found to prompt the recall, just that it had to do with rear axle components.


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