We agree that the internet is largely useless beyond Craigslist throwdowns and videos of things exploding/blending/deconstructing/crashing.

Entertaining the masses used to be as simple as popping a high-dollar item into a powerful blender, but now the crowds demand hydraulic presses raining high-pressure destruction upon pretty much anything. This is sort of like the automotive equivalent of that idea.

Here we have a brake rotor pushed far harder than it normally would go, and the result is high heat and a violent end.

Using an older Ford Fiesta, the team in charge of this YouTube channel pop the car into the air and set out with their plan. It involves locking the front brakes and keeping the motor pegged. The action is captured with both a slow-motion camera and a FLIR camera. This means you'll get to see both the gruesome final act of a poor defenseless brake rotor and the rising temperatures that led to the rotor failure.

If you like Scandinavian heavy metal, you're also in for a treat. That's the backing music that comes along with the car carnage you're about to watch.

We wonder what it would take to do this to the brakes on the Bloodhound


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