Buying an Acura NSX is a special moment and Acura is making is even more special. The car is on sale now, deliveries are beginning, and Acura is providing each buyer with a video featuring (at least in part) their car.

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A total of seven different videos are available, and each uses various shots that show several processes during the build. Those processes are:

  • precision robotic weld technology
  • space frame construction
  • zirconium ath
  • state-of-the-art paint robotics
  • three-motor sport hybrid power unit
  • NSX custom hand assembly
  • NSX rolling dynamometer

It is the rolling dynamometer test that is sure to show the buyer's car. The buyer's serial number will also show up in the specially tailored film. All of the videos are hosted on a microsite called The video above is an example of the films and it happens to be Jay Leno's car, serial number 3.

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Each buyer will also get a 1/18 scale diecast model of their car, complete with the correct exterior paint color, interior color scheme, and factory-installed carbon fiber pieces, brake calipers, and wheels.

Membership really does have its privileges, doesn't it?


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