The Bugatti Veyron may no longer be the king of internal combustion horsepower. The Bugatti Chiron's 1,480 horses now takes the production horsepower crown, but 1,200 ponies kicked out by a quad-turbocharged W-16 is still plenty. But how does it compare to 1,088 electron-induced horses?

Matt Rimac is the founder of Rimac Automobili, the Croatian firm that builds the 1,088-horsepower Rimac Concept_One supercar. He recently went for a spin in his Concept_One with the Earl of Pembroke, who happens to be the founder of the UK firm Wilton Classic & Supercar. The Earl brought his Bugatti Veyron to Croatia and the two confirmed petrolheads switched rides to compare cars. The result was the video above.

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There's some pretty cool information here. The Concept_One seems to accelerate better, though as the Earl says, Matt isn't necessarily giving the Bugatti "the beans." Both drivers say the Rimac also corners better thanks to torque vectoring. Of course, the Bugatti's V-16 creates much more aural drama, though the Rimac makes some unique noises of its own.

In the end, the Earl is sold on the idea of the electric car due to the performance of the Rimac.

It makes us want to try out the Concept_One for ourselves, though we'd need to get a press car because we can't afford the roughly $1 million pricetag.

Click on the video above to see two awesome supercars in action, as well as some great vistas of the Croatian coastline.


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