Do you think your Porsche 911 is a little, well, over fed these days? If only there was a way to shed some of that weight without altering the lines of your precious super Beetle. Maybe you could even buff up the styling a bit while you're at it. Thanks to TopCar, a Russian aftermarket company, you can now do just that and you can do it all with glorious carbon fiber.

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TopCar offers a complete set of fresh body panels for your Porsche. This means a new hood, fenders, engine cover, rear spoiler, upper door sections, and side skirts. If you want to push things a little further, you can add the same front fenders you'd find on a GT3RS. There are also some vents and ducts to push the CF bill a bit higher.

All told, if you want a fresh carbon fiber body you're going to need to send around $40,000 to TopCar, according to Motor1. Those GT3RS front fenders will add another $4,400 to the bill. You can spend a bit more on top of that if you want the pieces painted to match your car. However, leaving those $40,000 body bits in the raw will help everyone know that your Porsche is a bit lighter on the scale than the others around it.


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