With Jaguar's announcement that it will offer rides in its new F-Type SVR, Germany's famed Nürburgring is becoming even more of an amusement park for car enthusiasts. And that's all right with us.

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The British automaker says visitors to the track can sign up for a 30 minute program offered on weekends through October that includes a spirited ride (not drive) around the complete Nordschleife in the passenger seat of a new F-Type SVR. On-board cameras mounted inside the car will record the experience for passengers to take home.

Passengers will suit up and be issued a helmet and a HANS device for safety since this is not designed to be a mere light jaunt around one of the most demanding racetracks in the world. It is, however, a track that Jaguar knows well since it has operated a development facility nearby since 2003. The company has also run a 'Ring Taxi service in the past.

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The F-Type SVR itself was largely developed at the 'Ring. Jaguar calls the 575-horsepower version of the stunning F-Type a genuine supercar, and it has fitted the particular car set to be used in the passenger experience with a roll cage and Recaro racing seats with harnesses.

The experience runs €295 (approximately $333) and can only be booked at the website: www.nuerburgring-shop.de/fahraction/co-pilot-fahrten.html.


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