Clear your calendar and prepare to spend the next hour building your dream Aston Martin DB11 online.

The British sports car manufacturer has released a configurator for its newest model, which is set to replace the long-standing DB9. 

The DB11 debuted earlier this week at the Geneva Motor Show. While its styling doesn't represent a major departure from the DB9 aside from its unique "roof strake," the difference is in the details and under the hood. The DB11 features a new 12-cylinder engine rated at 600 horsepower, and it boasts a new, lightweight platform said to significantly improve interior space.

The configurator doesn't list off pricing for the DB11, so you don't need to get your checkbook out just yet. Still, there's plenty to look at, as there are 35 exterior colors, three wheel choices, and a host of other items to help ensure that your DB11 doesn't look like your neighbor's (or at least the one he's building online).

Inside, potential DB11 owners and tire-kickers can select from a couple of hides and, our favorite, 32 different carpet colors. Royal Mint represents a throwback to Aston Martin's early days, albeit one that maybe should have stayed in the past.

You can't buy taste, after all.


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