The key fob for a number of high-end vehicles can often cause a bit of a stir. That's because there's potentially big money being spent on these optional extras. Go price out a Porsche and you can get a key made that looks like your very vehicle. Buy an Aston Martin and you'll be starting your car with a heavy fob made of stainless steel and sapphire. The king of keys, however, is for a Koenigsegg.

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The folks at SuperSpeeders managed to get up close and personal with a key to a Koenigsegg Agera. Not the standard key that comes with the car, mind you, but one that's been customized for this particular owner. It comes in a little satchel that houses its gloriousness.

This Koenigsegg key is crafted from platinum and has bits of black onyx mixed in as well. Around its edge, it's adorned with 40 carats worth of diamonds. It's huge. It's expensive. It's... perfect for the car. A Koenigsegg is one of the fastest machines you can buy, so why not celebrate that with a key that is worth more than most of the car's "competition."

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We learn in the video description that some have estimated this key to be worth around $250,000. There's been no official value given and this key is actually a one-off prototype at the moment. If enough very wealthy Koenigsegg shoppers are impressed, however, then it could become a hefty factory option.


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